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Trail of DREAMs Walks in Arizona to
Demand President Obama Take Federal Action to Stop Hateful Laws

More than 50,000 People ask President Obama to Stop Deportations, Take leadership on Immigration

MIAMI, FL – Trail of DREAMs – four undocumented immigrant students who recently completed a 1,500-mile walk from Miami, FL to Washington, DC – today announced that they will begin a four-day walk from Scottsdale to Phoenix, AZ to demand the Obama Administration take a leadership role in stopping hateful laws such as Arizona’s SB1070, the racial profiling law that has stirred considerable controversy.
Beginning tomorrow, May 25, the Trail of DREAMs’ walkers, along with Puente, a Phoenix-based human rights movement, and the National Day Laborers Organizing Network, will spend the next four days walking from Scottsdale to Phoenix. These activists demand the Obama Administration use his executive authority to stop the separation of families by discrediting SB1070, a product of the President’s aggressive pursuit of problematic enforcement policies like 287g and Secure Communities. Currently, 16 states are considering measures similar to Arizona.
“The Obama Administration continues to let us down by allowing the passage of hateful and unconstitutional laws,” said Gaby Pacheco from the Trail of DREAMs. “Laws such as Arizona’s SB1070, which legalizes racial profiling, could potentially create xenophobic environments that will be detrimental to the safety and growth of our communities as whole.”
Nationwide, more than 50,000 people are supporting the Trail of DREAMs while many more immigrant students from across the nation are taking bold steps to demand federal action from the Obama Administration on immigration. “Arizona’s SB 1070 calls for Presidential leadership,” stated Carlos Roa from Trail of DREAMs. “This hateful law would target people like my peers and I - we came young and our only desire is to contribute with our talents to make our nation even stronger.”
“On our 1,500 mile walk from Miami to Washington, DC, we witnessed so much abuse against immigrants. Arizona will become a place where immigrants will have to be constantly fearful of the people who are supposed to protect them,” stated Juan Rodriguez from the Trail of DREAMs.
The Trail of DREAMs campaign has rapidly collected more than 50,000 signatures to President Barack Obama to issue an executive order that would immediately stop detentions and deportations of undocumented students and halt removal proceedings for individuals with immediate family members who are U.S. citizens until there is immigration reform. The list of supporters keeps growing. For more information please visit www.trail2010.org.



Letter to Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Dear Sheriff Joe Arpaio,


We are the Trail of DREAMs, a group of students who recently completed a 1500 mile walk from Miami, FL, to Washington, DC, to call on our leaders to fix this country's broken immigration system.  In nearly every community we visited, we heard the same sad stories: hard working immigrants being deported, families being separated, and increasing despair over  inaction by those with the power to make change.       


While our walk has ended, our journey continues, and the next stop is Phoenix.  We come to stand with thousands of others, immigrants and non-immigrants, who are calling for the repeal of the hateful new law SB 1070.  We also come to show support for the proud immigrants of the Phoenix area, many of whom live in constant fear of harassment by members of your Sheriff's Department.    


For that reason, we are writing to request an audience with you on the morning of June 1st to discuss enforcement measures in your county, particularly the 287-G program.  We want to share our stories so that you understand what it’s like for the millions of immigrants in this country who are unable to fully participate in society.  We want to help you see the fear and destruction your policies spread, and convince you that there is a better way.    


It’s time that our country came together to fix a failed system that keeps millions in the shadows, with no pathway to a better life.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you better understand the experience of immigrants like ourselves.  Please reach us at the contact information below with any questions. Thank you for your time.



Gaby Pacheco, Juan Rodriguez, Felipe Matos, and Carlos Roa

Trail of DREAMs